Sexual Drive

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Three vignettes, tied together by a rather rakish stranger named Kiru (Serizawa Tateto). He is a bit like the fool in a Shakespeare play, causing mischief and at the same time pointing to the truth by confronting the people with their sexual secrets. All of the stories revolve around a special dish, whether natto, mapo tofu, or ramen with extra backfat, creating an indistinguishable line between the hunger for food and/or for sex in the peculiar characters of the film. Kiru then leaves them in bewilderment, but almost always, his appearance is the push the person needed to find more truthfulness or fulfilment. A passionate plea for more pleasure in life, more lust!

Born in 1978, he was educated at Waseda University and studied filmmaking at ENBU Seminar. Since 2010 he has been participating at many national and international film festivals and has won numerous awards. Among his films are Yuriko’s Aroma (2010), Come as You Are (2011), Ochiki (2012), Sukimasuki (2015), Even Though I Don’t Like It (2016) and Love Disease (2018).

Red Lotus 2022

Japan 2021
70 min | Japanese with English subtitles

Directed by YOSHIDA Kota

Screenplay YOSHIDA Kota Cinematography SEKI Masafumi Editing YOSHIDA Kota Music MATSUMOTO Akira
Cast SERIZAWA Tateto, HASHIMOTO Manami, IKEDA Ikeda Ryo, SATO Honami, NAKAMURA Mukau, TAKEDA Rina
World sales Fortissimo Films

Sexual Drive, Standbild 570

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