Let It Ghost

Let it Ghost is an anthology film that delivers three horror stories with a twist. Featuring rising stars and popular Youtubers, the film follows a haunted film crew, a horny ghost in a party room, and a stubborn spirit in a doomed mall. Each story is inspired by urban legends and spiced up with deadpan humor.

Hong Kong cinema has been haunted for decades. In Let It Ghost, first-time director Wong Hoi reinvents the ‘ghost genre’ with his independent filmmaking spirit. He pays homage to the tradition of spooky comedy in Hong Kong cinema, but also adds his own flair and innovation. Using low-budget style and a documentary-like approach to create a realistic and immersive atmosphere, the film also employs a witty script and a catchy soundtrack to enhance the entertainment value. Let It Ghost explores the themes of love, lust, and revenge in the supernatural realm. It is not just a horror film, but a fun and thrilling ride that will make you scream and laugh at the same time.

Wong Hoi is an emerging director and screenwriter from Hong Kong. Let It Ghost is his debut feature. His film project Wong Tai Sin Assasination won the best Hong Kong project at Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum in 2019.


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Hong Kong 2022
100 Min | Color | Cantonese with English subtitles

Directed by WONG Hoi

Screenplay WONG Hoi, Norris WONG Yee-Lam Cinematography Alfred PONG Ho-Wai Editing Peter CLOCK Production desing, costume design CHAN Miu-Ling
Cast LING Man-Lung, CHUNG Suet-Ying, SHAM Ka-Ki, SO Chi-Ho, HUI Yin, LAM Chin-Ting, LAM Ka-Hei, Ashina KWOK Yik-Sam, Master Seven, Chloe SO, Aaron CHOW Chi-Kwan, Eric TSUI Ho-Cheong
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Let it Ghost

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