Kitty the Killer

Teen assassin Dina partners with her guardian ‘Gray Fox’ Keng, who is betrayed by their organization, The Agency. When Keng meets Charlie, a special connection forms between them. Before his demise, Keng entrusted Charlie with the mantle of the new ‘Gray Fox’. Together with highly skilled female assassins known as Kitties, Dina and Charlie prepare for their next mission, navigating a world of danger and deception…

In his narrative, Lee Thongnam skillfully incorporates numerous genre-favorite elements. The film features secret societies, deadly yet alluring female assassins armed to the teeth, youthful protagonists, dashing villains and heroes, abundant action sequences, dashes of comedy, hints of romance, and even superhero motifs. The presentation of action and violence is particularly noteworthy, boasting top-notch direction that oscillates between a comic or manga-inspired approach with its over-the-top flair and more thriller-like paths, which heightens the sense of drama.

As a title that will delight fans of action cinema, Kitty The Killer  dazzles the audience with gripping battles, darkly feminine aesthetics, and sharp irony. It is an enjoyable action flick that places equal emphasis on its characters and high-concept premise. 

Born in 1986, in Thailand, Lee Thongkham was educated at Florida’s Full Sail University. He is dedicated to genre filmmaking. He founded Thongkham Films in Thailand during the pandemic and directed its inaugural feature, The Maid (2020), which later became the first Thai Netflix Original Film. His other films include The Last One (2018) as well as The Lake (2022).

Fri Apr 26, 2024 | 21:30

Red Lotus 2024

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Thailand 2023
123 Min | Color | Thai with English subtitles

Directed by Lee THONGKHAM

Screenplay Lee THONGKHAM, Venus SAKSIRI, Sorawi ALAPACH, Teerat VANAVONGTANATE Cinematography Brandt HACKNEY Music Bruno BRUGNANO
Cast Ploypailin THANGPRAPAPORN, Denkhun NGAMNET, Somchai KEMGLAD
World sales Thongkham Films

Film Still: Kitty the Killer

Kitty the Killer © Thongkham Films