Jeong-sun leads a monotonous life as a packer in a food factory. She has no partner and not much excitement. When Yeong-su, a new co-worker, arrives in the factory, his charm is reason enough, they start having a secret affair. But her happiness is short-lived. Yeong-su betrays her by uploading a ‘compromising’ video, she becomes the target of ridicule and harassment and faces the humiliation and trauma of cyber-exposure and shaming. Now, she must find the courage and dignity to overcome the disaster.

Inspired by the notorious ‘Nth Room Case’, a cybersex trafficking scandal in South Korea, Jeong-sun explores the theme of violence against women in the digital age. The film features a stunning performance by Kim Keum-soon as the protagonist, who shocks and moves the audience with her subtlety and strength. The film also offers a rare perspective on the issue of cyberbullying and shame from a middle-aged woman’s point of view. In short: a powerful, impressive debut feature by director Jeong Ji-hye.

Jeong Ji-hye was born in 1995. She made several short films including Good Girl (2017), Selling Blood (2018), and Vertigo (2019) before graduating from Dongseo University. Jeong-Sun is her first feature and premiered at San Sebastian International Film Festival.

Red Lotus 2023

South Korea 2022
105 Min | Color | Korean with English subtitles

Directed by JEONG Ji-hye

Screenplay JEONG Ji-hye Cinematography JUNG Jin-hyeock Editing KIM Gyeol Music HWANG Hyeon-tae, CHOI Hye-ri Sound IM Gyeong-rok Production design KIM So-yeong Costume design PARK Eun-hui
Cast KIM Kum-soon, YUN Seon-a, CHO Hyeon-woo, KIM Yong-joon
World sales M-Line Distribution


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