Day Off

For four decades, A-rui (Lu Hsiao-fen) has been the heart and soul of her neighborhood barbershop — a humble space where joy and sorrow come and go. Despite life’s challenges, A-rui remains steadfast in her dedication to her craft, refusing to accept defeat. Yet, her children fail to appreciate her passion, viewing her old-fashioned way of going about her profession with disdain.

One day, a phone call interrupts the routine: the family of a long-lost client requests A-rui’s presence to tend to the hair of his bedridden father. Recalling her master’s wisdom – “Always provide your best service” – A-rui embarks on a journey, closing her shop for a day to honor a seemingly insignificant task. Day Off celebrates the artistry of craftsmanship, weaving a poignant family drama that spans generations. It is a heartfelt tribute to a woman’s unwavering commitment to her chosen path.

Fu Tien-yu was born in 1973 and graduated with a Master of Arts in Media Ecology & Film from New York University. She initially made her mark as a novelist, winning Taiwan’s most prestigious literature award. Day Off marks her third directorial venture, following the success of Somewhere I Have Never Traveled (2009) and My Egg Boy (2016), both of which garnered international acclaim at film festivals across the world.

Sat Apr 27, 2024 | 13:30

Red Lotus 2024

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Taiwan 2023
106 Min | Color | Chinese + Taiwanese with English subtitles

Directed by FU Tien-yu

Screenplay FU Tien-yu Cinematography CHANG Zhih-teng Editing Ian LIN Music Baby-C, CHO Chi-jou, JEN Yu-yen Production design WANG Chih-chen, YOU Li-wun 
LU Hsiao-fen, FU Meng-po, Annie CHEN, SHIH Ming Shuai, Beatrice FANG
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